Self-Declaration 101

I am Vail Varone. These four powerful words have changed my life.

A little less than four years ago I was singing in a voice lesson. I was feeling gross and embarrassed, as usual. Every time I made a sound I didn’t like (which was almost all the sounds I made back then) I’d apologize to my teacher. Each time, she’d assure me that it was okay, but I never truly felt like it was! That day was different because when I apologized she took a new approach. She abruptly stopped playing piano, looked at me, and deadpanned, “but you are Vail Varone!” I looked back at her wondering, why is this lady telling acting like she’s never heard my name before? She explained that she was reminding me of something I had long forgotten, my worth.

She asked me to say those words… “I… Am… Vail Varone.” Cautiously, I tried again and again until I gained more momentum. I stood up taller and smiled wider.

This moment is forever ingrained in my memory.

Since then, I’ve been through quite a bit of trials. I’ve dealt with some unhealthy relationships and battled with depression. I also have accomplished some great things too. I let go of a lot of things that were no longer serving me, I moved out of my house, began a regular yoga practice, I started college, married myself, and I took a solo honeymoon across Europe! It hasn’t been easy but I’ve learned a lot since then. I learned to stop letting my fear control me. I learned to laugh at the things I felt embarrassed about and move on. Despite all of the junk life has thrown my way, I’ve returned back to the moment to see that I am Vail Varone.

Now Self-Declaration isn’t simply saying your name confidently. That’s only the beginning. We’ve all been told to, “fake it until you make it” and I hate to be that person but it’s true. We begin by shouting our name to the heavens, taking a superhero pose and leaping into the abyss of the unknown.

Self-declaration is waking up in the morning in a body and a spirit you love. It’s loving everything about yourself even the parts of you that don’t love yourself. It’s surrounding yourself with people you genuinely love and who genuinely love you. It’s living a life that is inspired. It is a life that feels worth living.

So raise your glass to that, my friend!

Something brought you here, whether that’s God, the universe, your Grandma or your Facebook feed, it doesn’t matter. you made it here. Please even if you go no further, do this one thing for yourself, finish this sentence. “I am…”

I hope your future self will thank you.


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