March 31st, 2018: My Wedding Vows

Dear World,

Today I married myself! These are the vows I made to myself.

“I am Vail Varone.

“My life with myself, so far, has been a life full of privilege, love, and miracles but also a life of tribulations, mistakes, and defeats. After reflecting on my life and relationship with myself, I have decided to make the greatest of all commitments and get married. Today, I am marrying myself. I am proclaiming to myself and the ones I love that I love Vail Varone.

“I am a flawed person!  I have known this my entire life. I am too hard on myself. At times, I feel too deeply. I annoy the people I love. I fidget. I am overbearing. I procrastinate. I don’t always express how I am feeling. I overeat. I ask a lot of unnecessary questions. I often speak more than I listen. I get distracted easily. And sometimes I deeply hurt the people I care about the most.  I’m particularly skilled at hurting myself. This list could go on and on but, frankly, I have more imperfections than I’m probably even aware of. However, I promise I will never let these parts of me go unloved. I promise to forgive myself for all the wrongs I commit. I promise to respect these less favorable parts of myself. I promise to actively nurture my flaws, mistakes and to forgive myself when I don’t. Maybe one day these scared little cocooned parts of myself, with the power of my compassion, will become pulchritudinous butterflies.

“For every fault I have, I have multiple strengths. I am kind. I am curious. I enjoy helping others. I believe in gender equality. I am a singer. I am charismatic. I have a presence like no other. I am pretty hilarious. I am creative. I am dedicated. I love with all my being. I am an actress. I am a great friend. I am an artist. When I want something I make it happen. I value human connection. I enjoy thinking about the world around me. I am enthusiastic about life. I have a wonderful ability to make others smile and I, have a beautiful one.

“I am tall. I am loud. I am proud. I am Vail Varone. These butterflies fly gracefully throughout my being. I am so thankful for them. I promise to cherish them. I promise to never undermine how many full-grown butterflies I am made up of.

“I promise to respect these vows and remind myself of them. I promise to allow them to evolve. I promise to forgive myself when I am not true to them. Most important of all, today I promise to never leave myself. I promise to love myself first so that I can be truly capable of loving the people and things that my heart desires to love. I love Vail Varone.”

Will you marry you?

love vail v

PS. On the left is my favorite yogi-artist, Roomie. She also married herself today (On her 19th birthday!) Happy birthday, Roomie!


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