May 17th, 2018: London, England

Dear World,

I’m in London! I am alive! And I’ve never been more thrilled to be.

It’s been great here but there are things I miss:

  1. The US Dollar
  2. Not having to introduce myself as American
  3. Hot showers

Thankfully I also have found ways to deal with these:

  1. Only spend money on food, accommodation, and transportation. There are free events everywhere and 90% of museums are free.
  2. Don’t be embarrassed. Embrace that I’m American and do everything I possibly can to avoid talking about Trump, teachers, and gun control.
  3. This one is self-inflicted…. but hey there’s a bed and breakfast in Iceland patiently waiting for me.

Here are three awesome things I did:

  1. Found the hostel! (This was a BIG one for me. I predict I’m going to get lost a lot on this trip…)
  2. Attended a free comedy show last night.
  3. Got enough sleep so now I can actually do cool things. I’ve been terribly jet-lagged!

And here are three things I’ve learned here in London so far: 

  1. You are a jerk if you travel on the tube during the evening rush. Everyone just wants to go home.
  2. Yes, people know where Arizona and Pennsylvania are.
  3. Napkins are tissues?


love vail v


PS. Here are some gems!

By Zabou at The Bell Pub on Goulston Street (& random guy’s hand)


Gingzilla Queen of the Monsters!
Guess what I saw….




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