May 30th, 2018: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dear World,


This may be my favorite city so far. It’s so beautiful here and there are so little cars and tons of bikes and just canals and canals!

Today I went on a tour(with a very attractive guide) where I learned about Amsterdam’s history and culture of tolerance, progression, and the origins of capitalism. Then I did some of my own wandering and sightseeing until it was my time of admission at the Van Gogh Museum. Maybe it doesn’t sound like a lot, but trust me it was. A ton of walking! Tomorrow I am hoping to rent a bike.

One especially magical thing happened to me today. I got free ice cream.

As I was buying lunch, I was contemplating getting some ice cream too. After all, I thought, it’s uber hot and I’m getting in my steps. I decided not to because I am on a budget. I guess you can’t always treat yourself.

But then! As I’m sitting in a park eating my lunch, suddenly this woman begins walking towards me. She is speaking in Dutch so I assume she is talking to someone else behind me. She gets closer to me and looks down to make it clear she is speaking to me. I guess she assumes from my confused face that I am American (Sigh, is it really that obvious?) and begins to speak in English. She says, “Here, which one would you like?” and holds out two ice cream pops. I couldn’t thank her enough. She laughed as she walked away wishing me a good day.

Yeah, talk about a good day….

With magical Dutch ice cream love,

love vail v


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