June 5th, 2018: Berlin, Germany

Dear World

Berlin was wild! If you’ve never been (first of all, go!), imagine hipster parts of Brooklyn mixed with literal forest and construction, and desolate buildings everywhere. Very strange, not a good or bad strange, just strange.

But don’t get me wrong, I had a wonderful time. I did lots of sightseeing. I saw the Jewish Holocaust Memorial. I also saw the Roma and Sinti Memorial. It was all quite humbling how candidly Germans speak of that heinous part of their history. Additionally, there were rich parts of Germany’s history that I got to appreciate. I visited the Kāthe Kollwitz Museum. If you’ve never heard of her, she is so worth looking into. What a beautiful artist and sculpturer. It was refreshing to see a woman’s work. So far besides maybe a handful of works at the Tate Modern Museum, all the artwork I’ve seen has been created by men. Almost everything at the Louvre, The René Magritte Museum, The Van Gogh Museum, and the Contemporary Art Museum in Amsterdam. Though to be fair the MOCO only had two exhibitions featuring three artists.

And finally *drum roll* the highlight of my time in Berlin!

I danced in a Teledisko machine! It looks like a phone booth but has a disco ball, smoke machine and lights on the inside. For only €2 I had my own private dance party. I danced to Katy Perry’s One of the Boys. And of course, some ABBA, since it isn’t a true disco without them.

Your dancing queen,

love vail v

PS. I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty obsessed with street art.

street art.jpg

anne frank.jpgrainbow.jpg

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