June 15th, 2018: Milan, Italy

Dear World,

I can do absolutely anything, I swear.

So a bit of a disaster occurred this morning.

I was supposed to leave Milan for Barcelona by train this morning. I had two connections. The first one was in Turin but I missed the train, the connection was only 12 minutes, which I’ve done before but depending on the size of the station your girl’s gotta break a sweat. Anyway, the next train going anywhere near Barcelona wasn’t leaving for another 8 hours.

I decided to take a train back to Milan Centrale, a much bigger train station. There I could just sit down and figure out what the heck to do since I need to get to Barcelona to fly home on Thursday.

I considered flying but it was out of my budget to book a flight last minute. I realized that I was not going to Barcelona today. Instead, I decided I still needed to get my butt to a beach today so I’m headed to Genova for the next two days. From there it will be much easier and quicker to take the train to Barcelona.

On top of all of this craziness, I’ve been feeling really sick. I think all this traveling is finally catching up to me. I’m pretty exhausted. It was such a bummer since yesterday was my only full day in Milan. I had to spend time resting. I guess there are worse things in the world.

I’m hoping to leave this stressful day behind and fully enjoy the beach. Fingers crossed that everything works out and I will see the Mediterranean soon!

With beach vibes,

love vail v

PS. For your viewing pleasure.

Oh, flowers make my heart so happy
So do fountains

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