September 1st, 2018: New York, New York

Dear World,

Greetings from New York City!

Can you tell I love this place? This is actually my second time here. This January I was here for a few days by myself. That was actually my first solo trip ever! Because of this, I think New York will always hold a special place in my heart.

So why am I here?

Well, way back a couple of months ago a friend of mine shared a link with me about this Broadway camp “for adults.” This particular link was talking about how they were giving away scholarships for each of their programs. I was clearly intrigued. It seemed like a new program and even though it was out of my budget I decided that it couldn’t hurt to apply.

The application wasn’t anything rigorous either. It didn’t even seem like a prestigious thing. There was no need to submit a resume or tape myself singing. I really only had to tell them about myself. Hm, okay how about this? Vail Varone: A Poem.

There once was a noisy girl named Vail.

She merrily sang daft songs without fail.

Yoga and canine care,

Writing and luscious hair,

Were all things she loved, this is my tale.

Vail was the Wicked Witch of the West.

Even though, the makeup was a test.

Theatre is where her heart”s

Contented beat ever starts.

Theatre has given her life more zest.

One time she was on the internet,

Her friend sent a link, that she did get.

A Broadway adult camp?

A genie in a lamp!  

So it was, she knew she was set.

Not to brag or anything but I was pretty stoked when I won the scholarship for the End of Summer program. All because I decided to be silly and submit something I am here in New York for a three day intensive Broadway camp!

While I am here I have a day and a half before Broadway Weekends starts. And I guess I’m not actually going to be spending much time on my own because I am meeting up with a friend I met in Brussels!

When we met in Brussels they were traveling around Europe for a little bit after finishing a study abroad program for pastry making – I know! – in France.

Now they are back home in the US with their first job in the restaurant biz. Do you know what that means? Yeah, they are flippin’ awesome but also.

Yup. Vail got to eat the literal best food ever.

I am so thankful to my friend for taking me to Bar Boulud where we had a wonderful meal that I would have never had had I never met them.

While going out to eat was nice. Honestly, the best part was meeting up with them. We also went to a show in Hell’s Kitchen at Upright Citizen’s Brigade. I did standup for the first time – I’m still a little traumatized, but it’s fine. My friend got to sit on stage and pound the keys as they pretended to know how to play the piano!

Reflecting on all the choices I had to make to get here is truly humbling. Sometimes I wish I could tell my sixteen-year-old-self that nineteen-year-old-Vail turned out just fine.

But what’s the use of dwelling in the past?

love vail v

PS. Stressed is desserts spelled backward.

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