October 28th, 2018: “Little By Little”

Dear World,

Have you ever woken up to a nearly perfect day?

One of those days where the sunshine seeps through your window in a gentle yet powerful way. You open your eyes as if for the first time. Then, with a smile, the new day greets you. She whispers, “I’m the new day. I’m here and ready for you with open arms.” In lieu of a response, you spring out of bed to bring the new day in for a long embrace. You let go feeling assured that you’re ready for what she has in store.

Yeah, those days are awesome. I had one of them yesterday.

After embracing the new day. I immediately hit the yoga matt pumped and ready for Day 21 of Yoga with Adriene’s Yoga Revolution. My body trembled as I channeled my inner physical and emotional strength. Afterward, I grooved through my routine to Two Door Cinema Club.

“If I don’t know,

The wind will carry me.

So just hold tight”

– Sun, Two Door Cinema Club

In the midst of the dance party, I retrieved my clean laundry from the dryer for the final encore of bed-making. Finally done, I plopped down at my desk in front of the computer ready to battle the blank doc.

I debated through my war tactics as I circled in my spinny chair. I suddenly stopped and looked at my newly made bed. I considered how foreign the act of making my bed once was. Less than two years ago you would never walk into my room and expect to see such a thing. Actually, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell if the bed was made or not. Instead, you’d be horrified by piles of dirty laundry, old school assignments, cereal bar wrappers (and lots of other junk I’m even embarrassed to admit) on top of it.

I was suddenly shocked to be sitting in a nearly spotless space. My current morning routine would have seemed laughable to that girl with the messy room.

I turned back to the computer to open a new tab. Reflecting on, what felt like, this sudden change reminded me of a YouTube channel I love, The Art Assignment. Specifically, I was reminded of one of their videos with the wonderous creator, Hannah Hart.

For the video, the host, Sarah Urist Green, enlisted Hart to share with us her five favorite works of art. Hart’s list begins with a piece called, Little By Little. It’s a watercolor painting by her long-time friend, Hannah Gelb. It shows a whimsical scene of pomegranate-like buds among a festival of leaves and branches. On top of which lie the words, “Little by Little.”

Hannah declares this as a favorite because of the resonance of the mantra. To her, it’s meant to remind the viewer of the nature of change (ba-dum-bum-chiiiing). She tells us, “Sometimes the changes are so small and incremental, that you don’t really notice them. But they’re still happening” Each day the flower bed is a haven of change but it isn’t until one day that the gardener looks down and admires a bud. Though it may seem like it happened overnight, it has been slowly coming into being the whole season.

I didn’t just wake up one day as a clean and organized person. It happened little by little. 

This is still so relevant to my life right now because frankly, the new day isn’t always there with open arms and even when she is sometimes I just don’t care to say hi. Even on those extra grumpy days when I can’t seem to catch a break, within me, there’s so much goodness and growth happening.

Since I’ve launched my blog to the public on Wednesday, I’ve been overly eager to get so many things done at once. My mind has been racing with ideas of creating a social media presence, deciding on different WordPress plugins, developing a brand, blah, blah, blah. But with all of this going on I’ve hardly given myself time and space to simply write! The truth is this process isn’t going to be speedy or perfect. I can’t force things to happen right away. It’s all going to take time and work before I will get to where I’d like to be.

Little by little, day by day(cue Godspell!), hour by hour, minute by a minute, I am growing and budding faster than I could ever see. It may not always be linear but it is always happening. Little by little.

Just add water and sunshine,

love vail v

PS. Check out The Art Assignment and especially Hannah Hart’s Top Five Favorite Works of Art. The channel is a goldmine of insights into creativity. I am so thankful for their content. Their assignments partially inspired my I Am Adventures series beginning on November 4th!

Also, I am so honored that you have taken the time to read this Dear World letter. I hope you’ll stick around for next Sunday’s letter. You can follow me here by email or on Twitter and Instagram both @iamvailvarone

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