November 11th, 2018: I am Thankful

Dear World, 

I’ve been tied up in stress and planning and self-centeredness. I’ve been telling myself it’s because I am moving to Flagstaff in January. Maybe it is. 

Stress is inevitable, especially in big life changes. But I’ve been so concerned with micromanaging everything. Everything has to be planned and perfect and if it isn’t I’m going to shrivel up and die, right?


So this week I am challenging myself to be quieter, to open up and receive whatever the Universe has in store for me. I’m going to spend less time thinking about myself.

It’s scary but also humbling to surrender to the transition and insecurities.

Each day this week I will be spending time before bed in a silent meditation, reflecting on eleven things I’m thankful for.

So today in my silence, I am thankful

  1. To be alive and healthy.
  2. To be loved by so many
  3. To have the honor to those people back
  4. To be imperfect
  5. For art
  6. For my education
  7. To own an awesome pair of bell bottoms jeans
  8. For the courage to share my thoughts here
  9. For the practice of yoga
  10. For good music
  11. For good food

What are you thankful for?

love vail v

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