August 17th, 2018: Good Times at Goodwill

Dear World,

What a lovely Friday night I had!

My dearest friend, her younger sister, and I went “back to school shopping.” I was extra pumped about this for a few reasons.

When I was in high school, trying to grow into myself, I never truly felt like the clothing that I wore reflected who I was. Not to mention I had a lot of insecurities about my body back then. So finally being able to go shopping on my own and have the money and be around people that I wanted to shop with felt like such a treat!

It wasn’t until I think I bought my bell bottom jeans that I truly felt like a superstar in my clothing. I remember when they came in the mail. I nearly squealed as I ripped open the package.

Anyway, we spent the evening shopping. I felt so prepared. The day before I had gone through all of my clothing and tried every single piece on to look at myself in the mirror. I then wrote down all the pros and cons, and any possible hesitations. Once I was done I went through the list and categorized everything into, yes, no, maybe.

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March 31st, 2018: My Wedding Vows

Dear World,

Today I married myself! These are the vows I made to myself.

“I am Vail Varone.

“My life with myself, so far, has been a life full of privilege, love, and miracles but also a life of tribulations, mistakes, and defeats. After reflecting on my life and relationship with myself, I have decided to make the greatest of all commitments and get married. Today, I am marrying myself. I am proclaiming to myself and the ones I love that I love Vail Varone.

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