I Am Adventure #1: My Favorite Word

Welcome, welcome, welcome to your first ever I Am Adventure!

I present to you my favorite word,


I love yes for many, many reasons but I’ll keep it simple: yes is a welcome to a new opportunity.

Now I’m not here to preach about saying yes to every single invitation or always taking on extra projects. To that, I say “no!” – unless you actually want to do those things, of course.

I’m here to preach to you about saying yes to yourself.

So here’s your adventure in three simple steps.

  1. Cut out small papers or grabs some sticky notes
  2. Write yes (or your favorite word that welcomes new possibilities) on all of them
  3. Hang them up all over! Your bedroom, the mirror, above the kitchen sink, on the fridge, your cat’s head, wherever you will see it throughout your routine.

Optional: Everytime you see a yes, say it out loud (screaming, singing, and belching are also acceptable.)

So let’s get yes-ing my friendos.

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