October 28th, 2018: “Little By Little”

Dear World,

Have you ever woken up to a nearly perfect day?

One of those days where the sunshine seeps through your window in a gentle yet powerful way. You open your eyes as if for the first time. Then, with a smile, the new day greets you. She whispers, “I’m the new day. I’m here and ready for you with open arms.” In lieu of a response, you spring out of bed to bring the new day in for a long embrace. You let go feeling assured that you’re ready for what she has in store.

Yeah, those days are awesome. I had one of them yesterday.

After embracing the new day. I immediately hit the yoga matt pumped and ready for Day 21 of Yoga with Adriene’s Yoga Revolution. My body trembled as I channeled my inner physical and emotional strength. Afterward, I grooved through my routine to Two Door Cinema Club.

“If I don’t know,

The wind will carry me.

So just hold tight”

– Sun, Two Door Cinema Club

In the midst of the dance party, I retrieved my clean laundry from the dryer for the final encore of bed-making. Finally done, I plopped down at my desk in front of the computer ready to battle the blank doc.

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19 June 2018: Barcelona, Determination, and Will-Power

Dear World,

I’m in Barcelona now! I can hardly believe this is my last stop. What’s even crazier is I have been in Europe for over a month now!

Initially, when I thought about writing this I was hesitant. Then I said, “Vail you accomplished something huge and there is nothing wrong with being excited to share that!” Hey, and isn’t that what this entire website is for?

There have been so many times during this adventure that I just wanted to give up. I cried sometimes and felt lonely as well. I missed out on things I wanted to do because I was tired or too nervous to go. I forgive myself for that because I am only capable of so much. I think I overestimated how much stamina I’d have. Especially considering the only solo travel experience I had prior to this, was a couple of days in New York- a place I had already been to in my own country. Though I will never regret being this ambitious because it was all so worth it.

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