December 9th, 2018: Dear John Lennon

Dear John Lennon,

As of yesterday, it’s been 38 years since you prematurely left this world. Although it has been so long – before I was even born – if I may speak for the world, we still feel your absence.

When I was a little kid, I had a babysitter who I adored. She was a quirky artist with so much peace and imagination in her soul. She would take my sister and me on adventures across town or she’d bring the adventures to us in her cartoon monster bag. Every moment with her was a good moment. Possibly my favorite moment was when she introduced me to you.

She was the first music lover I ever met. As we drove from playground to playground she’d blast her iPod on shuffle and educate us about good music. Naturally, it was inevitable that your name came up. You may laugh, but the first time I ever heard you sing, you were proclaiming that you were “The Walrus.”

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