October 28th, 2018: “Little By Little”

Dear World,

Have you ever woken up to a nearly perfect day?

One of those days where the sunshine seeps through your window in a gentle yet powerful way. You open your eyes as if for the first time. Then, with a smile, the new day greets you. She whispers, “I’m the new day. I’m here and ready for you with open arms.” In lieu of a response, you spring out of bed to bring the new day in for a long embrace. You let go feeling assured that you’re ready for what she has in store.

Yeah, those days are awesome. I had one of them yesterday.

After embracing the new day. I immediately hit the yoga matt pumped and ready for Day 21 of Yoga with Adriene’s Yoga Revolution. My body trembled as I channeled my inner physical and emotional strength. Afterward, I grooved through my routine to Two Door Cinema Club.

“If I don’t know,

The wind will carry me.

So just hold tight”

– Sun, Two Door Cinema Club

In the midst of the dance party, I retrieved my clean laundry from the dryer for the final encore of bed-making. Finally done, I plopped down at my desk in front of the computer ready to battle the blank doc.

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