As you have probably figured out, my name is Vail Varone. (which is pronounced VAYL vah-ROAN-eh)

I am a fabulous young woman who lives in the beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. I have giant plans. I am going to travel the world(and I’ve already started!) I love animals. I crave adventure. I sing from high places. I read books that make me cry and laugh. I love modern art, yoga, bell-bottom jeans, and the word, “yes”!

So why is any of this important?

Well dearest reader, that is a great question! It really isn’t! I am only your guide. I’m not sure what exactly qualifies me to be but it’s your choice to follow me down the path of love and Self-Declaration.

All I know is I have had my share of suffering in my short life so far. I know there is more to come my way. There will always be moments of sorrow and anger. However, I have made it my mission to love myself in attempt to make myself stronger and to better love those around me.

It is my intention for this site to be a documentation of my personal Self-Declaration journey. It’s in its early stage so I anticipate a lot of changes and experiments. For now, if you can handle that please join me on this journey. Who knows? Maybe I will inspire and guide you through yours.

With love and light,

love vail v


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